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Intersélection : Fashion guide summer 2010

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Couleurs été 2010 - Summer 2010 colour ranges

La parisienne
Cheeky and bubbly, a neo-vintage wardrobe, smoothes out the memory and brings together key fashion items from the 50s and 60s: off-shoulder, pronounced waistline, pencil or corolla skirt. Strong colours and figurative prints bring to life those happy days.

Prints: blend of geometry and floral. Touristic trompe l’oeil, Hawaiian motifs of the 50s, retro tapestry motifs.
Colours : Bright, bleached.
Wardrobe: Denim dresses and jackets, t-shirts, cardigans and short-sleeve pullovers, platform or flat sandals. Retro bags.

Sur les toits de Paris
Paris is a hanging garden and its balconies, a country landscape. Drifts of flowers, country gingham and romantic whites stand side by side. The freshness of the range brings the countryside to the city.

Colours: greens and country bouquets.
Prints: superposed liberty and muslins, floral designs.
Wardrobe : denim dungarees and shorts, smocked or off-the-shoulder dresses, blouses and dresses with puffed sleeves. Broderie anglaise petticoats and lingerie dresses. Coloured straw baskets and hats.

Paris plage
A sea of fresh water – the Seine is the spotlight and displays its maritime colours. Blue is the star of the show, but red livens up classic navy and white stripes. City denim displays its indigo origins and presents a whole range of clean, authentic blues.

Fabrics: cottons, canvas and denim, jersey knits.
Colours: navy and blues, white, beige and red.
Prints: all sizes of stripes, horizontal and vertical.
Wardrobe: high-waisted, flowing trousers, work jackets, shorts and sailors jackets, striped polo shirts and smocks. Dufle bags and sailor bags.

Paris show off
Bursts of colours which dazzle the city of light and the city of the night. This festive 70s and 80s ambience favours sunny colours and the return of ultra-feminine, sexy dresses.

Colours: fluorescent, sunshine, aquatics and ultra-violets.
Fabrics and prints: shiny viscose and jersey, Lycra polyamides, printed muslins with huge floral or geometric designs.
Wardrobe: short tunics and long dresses, skin tight mini-dresses, shiny accessories and bags, evening vests and body suits.

Paris Haussman
Paris Haussman the conventionality of beige is structured around a complex yet minimalistic silhouette. Materials blend nature and natural tones together in this neo-bourgeois Paris fashion. The exaggerated geometry of giant two-toned designs brings this sober, conventional elegance to life.

Colours: every shade of beige. The colours of stone, concrete and cobbles.
Fabrics: Floating or figured cottons, knits and pleated and draped flowing viscose. Airy, blended woollen tulles. Outstanding organics. Geometric prints.
Wardrobe: long jackets with pronounced shoulders, straight and pleated skirts, 3-hole dresses, wide, flowing trousers. Natural, elegant, city accessories..

Paris métisse
A crossroads of prints, Paris accessorizes basic items in the wardrobe with ethnic designs, inventing exotic roots and long voyages within four walls.

Fabrics: WAX, hides and leathers, cottons.
Colours: Whole ranges of spices and indigos and skin colours.
Wardrobe: safari suits, short jackets, dresses and tunics and shorts. Ethnic accessories
and jewellery.

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