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Trendzoom : Concept Forecast Spring/Summer 2021

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As we move into 2021 the CONCEPTS that we set out in AW20 have become clearer - and the call for sustainability becomes more urgent. Each of the three themes approaches this future space from a different angle: SOURCE encourages an exploration into ways to minimise the environmental impact of production; RESET looks at technology and how advances are shaping product design; VOICE considers ways designers can connect with social, environmental and political issues - fearlessly.

SOURCE - conscious creativity & mindful consumption 
In a surge of positivity brands are implementing sustainable practices and inventing new ways to show their eco-friendly credentials. These steps towards a more sustainable future are building momentum, and will ultimately form into a cohesive movement with standards being set across the industry.

RESET - human wellbeing and super technology
Digital artists provide a wake up call for our society in major art exhibitions across London. Highlighting technology with AI bias (Trevor Paglen at the Barbican), and online content that simply diverts the attention (24/7 at Somerset House). RESET explores our place in this digital era, how super technology serves us and the importance of comfort within the home space.

VOICE - authentic voices & community connection
In today’s fashion industry it’s hard to be heard over the noise from big brands; their collaborations and influencer hype. But a new breed of niche-brand and smaller designer is making their individual voices heard. Designers like Bethany Williams -

“Through collaboration with communities and charities we hope to create a collection embedded with real people and hope to cause a real effect in the social space we engage with.”

The TRENDZOOM Concept Forecast is a 19-page report published: February, 2020.

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