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Trendzoom: Design Accessories Autumn/WInter 2021-22

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A confident look at the future of accessory design for Women, Men and Youth sectors. This report reveals the styles which will impact the Autumn/Winter 21-22 season and beyond. It outlines ways to design with less impact to the environment, and create styles precious or practical enough to stand the test of time. Get more than inspiration – get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

This season’s themes: PAUSE, SHIFT & CONTRACT explore different approaches to accessory design. Each theme offers solid ideas for bag, jewellery, footwear, headwear and other related accessories. Designs are highly detailed with information on materials, details, finishing, construction and styling. All our design flats are fully downloadable as Adobe Illustrator files.

PAUSE - Take time to design cherished pieces in beautiful fabrics with crafted details. Styles combine a meticulous eye for construction, materials and finishing touches.

SHIFT - A change in perception occurs when we strip back designs to essential lines and add dynamic distortions and new points of focus

CONTRACT - The current climate is driving narratives and pushing product towards sustainable sourcing and low-impact production.

The TRENDZOOM Accessories Design issue is a 47-page report published: December, 2020.

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