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Trendzoom: Swimwear Design - Spring/Summer 2022

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This creative issue translates the S/S2022 concepts into swimwear designs for women, men and youth sectors. Our popular CAD sketches are original detailed flats with front and back views. Each design is part of a complete look with inspiration beyond the pool – including direction for styling, print/pattern ideas and suggestions for fabrics and finishing.

RISE - women/youth

Feel a surge of energy pulse through this season’s swimwear. Designers find ways to express joy through colour and bold new shapes. Create dynamic colour and pattern contrasts with layered styling and add a daring ‘under-boob’ cutout.

COEXIST - women/youth

Look at ways to coexist with nature, using naturally sourced materials, making sustainable choices and find a human connection through handcrafted finishes. Experiment with fabrics and manipulate into twists, plaits and intricate woven forms - work the look into accessories with fringed belts or plaited straps for footwear and bags.

VISION - men/youth

Construct a futuristic vision with modern style lines, a minimal finish and tech-enhanced materials. Keep the look clean and uncluttered with sharp and dynamic graphic prints. Explore materials with added performance aspects or health benefits to increase the value of products.

Get more than inspiration - get involved in the real changes happening in fashion.

The TRENDZOOM Swimwear Design Forecast is a comprehensive 32-page report published: February, 2021.

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