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Françoise, Johanna Senyk's New Brand

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After leaving her with the label wanda nylon, the designer johanna senyk returns in full force with a new brand, created between italy and france and simply named, françoise.interview with johanna senyk:i was looking to invent a character which would represent the perfect frenchwoman, someone who i’m particularly fond of who is also someone who is free, a little mischievous, a frenchwoman who was the first to be topless, who smoked, who tanned, who loves, and this represented a bit of an old school vibe potentially from the 70s and 80s that i could rediscover and which somehow reflects the italian know-how that i also try to highlight within the brand.i found that it was important to have a well mastered silhouette which also has an air of simplicity, in other words, well dressed and sophisticated, without looking like she has made a lot of effort. so we have trousers with jackets and there is also the possibility to create outfits with shorts which i also found cool, there are a lot of dresses and it was a fun exercise because i really imagined françoise in the beach during summer. i really like the dresses in relation to this character, the idea to be carefree.this is really my cult bag, there was a film with jean fonda, where she wore the fringed bag. it obviously doesn’t have the same shape, ours have large handles and very contemporary finishing touches in different material and colour propositions, which completely takes it somewhere else and in fact all the work is in order to have something comforting, which you desire but in a new stylistic proposition.